If you can speak a different language aside from your own you earn the respect of others especially when you want to do business with them or visit their country. You cannot expect others to understand you and learn your language when you are not prepared to do that as well. Many however severely struggle to add a new language and we give you some tricks and tips on how to pick up a second language.

  1. Have a Reason For Doing It
    It might sound simple to have a reason but that is not quite as obvious if you are not motivated. Having a reason and maintaining that reason why will be the encouragement you need. If you only want to impress someone you will falter, however when you have something concrete regardless of what it is you will commit to learning a new language.
  2. Learn with Someone Else
    Having a partner when you learn a new language is an excellent manner to learn. You push one another to learn and remember and remain focused on the goal and if one falters there is always the other to push the partner to try harder and remain focused while also asking questions and learning materials.
  3. Tackle it Head On
    When you decide on a new language there is only one right approach and that is to tackle it head on regardless of what tools and materials. When you learn something new during the day, continue to use it throughout the night and next day and remember what you have learnt by completely submerging yourself in the language regardless of what you do like listening to the radio, do it in the language you are learning, etc.
  4. Watch others
    You need to watch others talk in the language you are learning that is why materials are essential. When you speak a different language you will find the demands on your throat, lips and tongue are different. If you do not have a person in that language close by, then get yourself material or watch TV or DVD in the language you need.
  5. Listen to others
    Just like watching the lip movement of others are listening essential as it is vital to know the sound coming even when you cannot speak it yourself. You will find anoter language strange at first coming from your own voice but you need to know how it sounds to pronounce it correctly. Hearing it constantly and repeatedly and also watch the pronunciation will help you tremendously.
  6. Have Fun with It
    Be creative and see it as a challenge but a fun activity too by adding something comic to it or something simply giving you joy like talking to anyone, writing a funny story in that language, a poem maybe, or create a play.
  7. Keep the language Relevant
    You learn the language not only because you want to but to use it too, thus since it is stupid to only speak to yourself and not continuously immersing yourself in textbooks when having a conversation in your new language, speak to people in the acquired language wherever you are even if you have to go to a Spanish restaurant when you learn Spanish and you are not in Spain and speak in Spanish when you converse with staff.
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