Especially when you are a writer you will find “mistakes” in the English language when you read it. However these are not mistakes and even though it often sounds the same, the spelling and grammar differ in many instances.


When comparing accents between British and American you will find it difficult unless you are a pro. This is because in both UK and US they have their own differences too. However the trained ear knows when they speak to a New Yorker or to a Texan to use an example between two American English while even in the UK you get different British English between Glasgow, Manchester and London.


Some simple examples regarding to spelling of the same English word include the following:

British English – American English

Colour               – color

Behaviour         – behavior

Theatre              – theater

Metre                – meter

Organise            – organize

Travelled            – traveled


British English – American English

Flat                         – apartment

Biscuit                    – cookie

Football                 – soccer

Chemist’s               – drugstore

Plaster                      – band aid

Postbox                    – mailbox

Jumper                     – sweater

Trainers                    – sneakers

Cinema                     – movies

Chips                         – fries

Crisps                        – chips

Holiday                     – vacation


You will find various differences in prepositions relating to the two English versions too. In American English you might say that you going to the shops on the weekend while in British English you will be going to the shops at the weekend. The Americans also say Monday through Saturday while the British say Monday to Saturday. Americans will ask what you do on Christmas while the British as what you are doing at Christmas. Then you will also find the Americans saying I ate too little while the Brits will say I’ve eaten too little. The British will also say I have been to the bar while the Americans would say I went to the bar.

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