You have various countries that speak multiple languages and you will find because of the multiple populations many of these people speak fluently in four and even five languages. Often you will also find that in one conversation or even a single sentence the same person use more than one language mixed into his vocabulary. We take a look at the world’s countries with the most language combinations.


Near Venezuela on the far southern Caribbean you get the country of Aruba with the official language being Dutch and taught at school. As part of the educational system students are also taught Spanish and English and when a student leaves school they could probably speak four to five languages already. Another language alongside Dutch is Papiamento which is spoken in the government and media too. People at home often speak Papiamento as well and the popular communication methods throughout the country. This colourful language consists of English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. Most of the gaming companies prefer to have licenses in Aruba such as Betboo is one of the company who prefer to have license in Caribbean countries. For more details :


You will find that in this very small nation there are four languages spoken by most of the residents. Luxembourgish is the local’s methods of communication, while two other official languages include German and French which are taught in schools too. English is another compulsory subject for learners. Details :


You have four official languages in Singapore and they are Tamil, Malay, Mandarin Chinese and English. Even though ethnically diverse you will find few locals who speak or understand all four of the languages. Singlish is an English based language and creole which you might recognise when you are an English speaking person while the added Malay, Chinese and Grammar used might make it very difficult to learn or understand. Other languages used include Hakka, and Hokkien. 


Malay is the official language of the Singapore neighbour while English is also spoken very often. Others spoken include Hakka, Hokkien, Cantonese and Mandarin as well.

South Africa

You will find no less that eleven official languages in South Africa with English the language spoken throughout the country including in media and government. Less than ten percent of the population has it as mother tongue though with Afrikaans spoken in the western and southern regions. The most prominent languages in the country include nine African languages which were Nelson Mandela’s native language too. There is also growing trend for online gaming in South africa therefore the continent looks like becoming one of the gaming up in future. For ex:


Even though often considered part of African this island have various languages including French and English which are taught at school too. The prominent language spoken though is Mauritian-Creole which is French based. A Hindi dialect called Bhojpuri is another spoken language.


The official languages are English and Hindi however every state in India has its own official language too.

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