Most people want to learn an additional language even though they are proficient in English which is generally named the universal language. If you are an English speaking person, which however would be the most difficult and time intensive to learn is a question many ask. To take a difficult language like Japanese for example, it will be tough and take you no less that 88 weeks to understand and use it proficiently. Other languages that are very tough too include Arabic, Chinese and Korean which English speakers find difficult.

The question that arise though is why they are so difficult and what make it so tough to master. The problem with Chinese and Japanese are the thousands of characters that have to be memorized making sense. You will find that when looking at Arabic for example that it resemble very little words and vowels that remotely resembles English. This is still a fact that the Hangul, which is the alphabet of the Korean language have incredibly logical writing. Even so will you find as English speaking individual the syntax and sentence structure incredibly challenging.

English speakers wanting to learn an additional language will find that not all are equally difficult though for example when you want to learn Hebrew or Turkish it would require around 44 weeks or 1, 110 hours of classes. If you want an easy language which are closer related to English the languages advice include Italian, French or Spanish as it would take around twenty weeks to reach adequate proficiency.

Language learning requires effort, commitment and time, however numerous benefits aside from ordering authentic foreign dishes at the restaurant could you travel the world internationally with greater ease and pleasure. Knowing another language changes your perspective of the world and other cultures too while new language learning also improves attention span, memory, cognition as well as delayed dementia.

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