Many might find it strange that anyone cannot speak, read or understand English, however in our modern world with the massive selection of languages available there are millions that cannot speak English. Helping everybody to understand and communicate freely and easily with each other are a tremendous help. Free podcasts and English lessons allow anybody with a computer and internet connection to learn regardless of skill level with step-by-step guiding while others will cover basics like pronunciation and grammar.
These following are excellent for learning English from grammar, pronouns, verbs, words and common phrases:

U.S.A Learns – U.S.A. Learns are excellent with vocab and intro sections, practicing lessons with over twenty different English lessons to choose from and they including subject like recreation, clothes, body, family, places to go, numbers etc.

Learn English Online – more than fifty free videos and English lessons which are incredibly detailed for anyone who cannot speak or understand a single word of English. Here you learn from scratch including the English alphabet and numbers with grammar and adjectives later. However if you do know basics you can move along to other lessons first and merely brush up on the alphabet etc.

English Class 101 – crisp, clean and simple to use it is one of the favourites offering various skill levels and all of it are free. Free resources, video, transcripts and audio files that will teach you grammar, verbs, common words, alphabet, numbers, pronunciation, key phrases and much more.
Connect with English – this is completely different and one of the other outstanding favourites for non-English speaking persons to understand the language in a fun and entertaining manner. It allows you to watch soap operas and follow it by questions to see what you understood and correct you as well,
English Daily – here you need to understand a bit of English and excellent to keep up your skills and test it too. daily lessons that test your vocabulary, grammar, proverbs and riddles and well as common slang words often used in daily English. – once you understand English and speak it too this is great for testing your skills in regards to grammar including commas, tenses, brackets, pronouns, verbs and more. – is also simple to use and divided into section like vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking and pronunciation with great speaking lessons and repeated sentences with questions.

Live mocha – live mocha is very popular especially to individuals who understand English relatively well. Organizations and businesses operating mainly in different languages who understands English but need to communicate their practices etc. in English love using this particular method. Using a coin system you earn coins when you help others with common words which you know while they take coins from you when they teach you words, grammar etc. in your own language to the other individuals who wants to learn your native language. For example you teach them Turkish while they will be teaching you English.

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