Many find sitting in front of their computer screen constantly a big reason why they hesitate to learn English. A simple subscription via iTunes allow more people around the world to learn the language which are the essential universal language which you simply cannot do without in most instances. Even though many learn English from the very basic via podcasts you will find it very beneficial when you know English however are unsure about word flow or pronunciation. These following websites come highly recommended:
Speaking English Podcast – here you get 100 free lessons in English vocabulary and pronunciation with excellent methods used to aid in remembering what you have learnt.

Tu Ingles! – Even though it is only in Spanish it is excellent for Spanish people with close to eighty lessons teaching you to speak English properly. – here you have an excellent conversational podcast with two different speakers having a clear conversation and use of slang words which you would not have known otherwise.

Business English Podcast – you might understand English and be capable and able to use it on everyday settings, however in business settings it would be problematic. Huge businesses around the world including online gaming conglomerate use this particular podcast in making transactions perfect. Here businesses are taught about conversations related to presentations, interviews travel and business related conversations making their English perfect.

Effortless English Podcast – this is great to improve your simple English conversation and the voice used is very clean, clear and crisp.
Basic conversations podcast – ten short episodes that also allow you to download the files with accompanying text.

English as second Language – here you need to subscribe to a brilliant podcast with more than hundred different podcasts in a clear tone. It is only for those who already understand English though even though the word are clear and slowly pronounced you will not understand as it does not have accompanying script. Learn to pronounce your words while you understand it and also learn proper grammar here.

American English Pronunciation – difficult and common words are added each month into one of the hundreds of podcasts teaching you perfect American English pronunciation as well as transcripts when you want to brush up on your spelling too.

Grammar Girl – if you want to improve language, writing, styles, punctuation and grammar in English you will find Grammar Girl regularly updated with new content added.

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