Apps are not always something you want at your fingertips when you are serious about learning a new language and prefer sitting at home studying the intended language intently. Many people think that they will have to download software that could amount to hundreds of dollars or pay for expensive tutors, but technology have ensured that you can avoid that. Various websites offer no download software with useful interactions, games, images, videos and lessons without paying anything. Something which is useful is when you learn the language and also download one of the abovementioned free apps to brush up on your new skills when enroute or waiting for a bus etc. and essentially away from your computer. You will find that many apps and websites are working in conjunction and you might have the app already or that the website offers online learning as well as an app like Duolingo and Busuu.

Both Busuu and Duolingo which work on the same principle as the app offer various advanced concepts in the languages offered. Memrise which also offer an app for travellers has an online website in a wide variety of languages and also offer interactive and progressive lessons split into chapters and lessons allowing you to keep track of your progress and skills.

Mango Languages is another excellent free option where you can learn a massive selection of languages including Norwegian, Malayalam, Latin, Korean Kazakh, Japanese, Italian, Irish, Indonesian, Icelandic, Hungarian, Hindi, Biblical Hebrew, Hawaiian, Haitian Creole, Greek, German, French, Finnish, Farsi, English, Dutch, Czech, Croatian, Chinese, Bengali, Arabic and many more. It is super easy to use and completely free including the tests you can take after every chapter.

Another great option is 123 Teach Me even though it offers only a single language which is Spanish. You will find it incredibly easy to use that are managed according to skill levels. is another free website where no accounts are needed and available in a massive amount of languages. Phrases and words, grammar lessons and even language history sections make this an outstanding website to learn languages like Vietnamese, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, German, French, Dutch, Chinese and Arabic to name a few.

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