We look at some of the world’s most exciting and intriguing fictional languages that might not have existed if it were not for the brilliant imagination of linguists, philologists and trained scholars.

Star Trek – Klingon

You get more Star Trek fanatics that any other movie in the world and they have a language of their own. It is actually created and back in the day when the first Star Trek was thought off this language was specially developed.

The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings – Elvish

We love Orlando Bloom speaking Elvish which was developed specially for these movies with actual meanings. To use examples You smell like a human will sound and read in Elvish like Lle holma ve’edan while a pleasure meeting you will read as follows, Saesa omentien lle. It is often surprising to people that thousands of hours went into creating this unique language which actually means something and has a name, it is Elvish even though it is a human created fictional language it is something you might be able to learn should you want to. Aside from elvish will you find that not all elves speak the same dialect either and you have various regions each with their own dialect which were also created.

Game of Thrones – Dothraki

Followers and lovers of Game of Thrones can thank HBO for this colourful language where they could communicate with others even though they will have no idea what you are saying. If you want to tell someone they make you itch, you could say yer affesi anni and wishing someone a happy birthday you say to them asshekhgoyi vezhvena. Not making any sense we know but the complete Dothraki language has an entire alphabet that you could learn too. Aside from Dothraki do you also get the fictional developed language Valyrian which is a combination of Scots Gaelic, Irish Gaelic and Welsh.

Avatar – Na’vi

Another exciting fictional language you could learn if languages are your forte is Na’Vi which even though fictional do exist through thousands of hours of very hard work by very clever people. It took months to develop or concoct this language and it was done by a language expert from Southern California’s University, who is a language expert.

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